Interested in a Crop?

Hello everyone!  I am just jumping back with both feet into crafting by agreeing to host my first ever scrapbook crop and I am very excited!  How else could I combine my love for crafting with my children’s sports’ activities, right?

AS most of you know I homeschool my children and we are part of a homeschool sports organization that play other schools. Since we own no facilities each team rents local parks or gyms and those can get expensive! We also have the other team incidentals of uniforms (with all the wear and tear), umpire fees, and equipment.  SO to help fundraise I thought of hosting a crop and, for my trouble, I get to spend some fun time with my friends, too!  Here’s the flyer with all the info.  Just contact me here or via email or (yay!) by text on m new cell number… all the contact info is on the flyer.  Talk to you soon!

Crop Flyer March 2015

Signature for WP blog


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