School is back – got lists?

Most students are back to school and with it come activities galore. Do you need a place to keep your to-do list without losing that paper? And, of course, the prettier it looks the better, right? Well, I’ve been gathering pictures of some of my creations that I had not posted and came across a memo dry-erase board I made for a friend. Here it is:

This is made from a regular 11×14 inch frame and papers from the “Sasparilla” packet.  You can write on the glass with a dry erase marker so you can get ready for each week.  Isn’t that a neat idea?  By making it yourself youc an choose papers that match your decor and change it out when you feel like it or to match a season of the year.  If you need help putting one together let me know and I’ll walk you through how I did mine.  Hope you are having a good day!
Making memories with you,

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